REBLOG if you want Jinkx Monsoon to be America’s Next Drag Superstar!

You know that feeling when one of your closest friends from college becomes a nationally recognized performer? Jinkx Monsoon/Jerick Hoffer is validation that truly good people can be successful in this world, and that fierce, tenacious talent will find a way to be recognized. Team Jinkx all the way (since long before it was a hashtag)

To document my travels down the west coast of America and all around Europe.

Life is hard. Here are some pictures of a field mouse on a dandelion.

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Tonight I’m thinking about all of the people who once meant something important to me, and who have drifted away or been cut off by circumstances, time, or the natural progression of our lives. And it’s one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had.

Hibiscus Tea: 1

Common Cold: 0

LOVE this stuff.






Papers are refusing to run this week’s Doonsbury. It should be seen.

It’s good to know that there are newspapers that have carried it.

Like I said yesterday. I love Doonesbury. I love that they are not afraid to take on big topics. I was impressed with how they handled MST. That papers won’t run this is shameful.

They can run articles and editorials about the legislation, but a cartoon depicting the results is TOO MUCH. 

Having an abortion is not a decision that a woman comes to lightly, and trying to change her mind by these sorts of tactics is both unlikely to be successful and absolutely morally reprehensible. 

"If it wants to be the next Rick Perry, I’ve made up my mind."

Perfection. Everybody needs to see this.

On Kony and the use of children in war

While the case of Joseph Kony’s LRA is especially heinous, countries and armies around the world continue to conscript or otherwise force children into armed forces. Uganda’s own UPDF army has been known to conscript children as young as 13. Of the 192 member states of the UN, 49 have yet to ratify or even sign The Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict (OPAC), which aims to eliminate the use of children under 18 in armed services. This protocol came into force ten years ago. It is great that the world’s eye is turning toward Kony and his army, but let us not end our awareness there. Let this new awareness be a gateway toward a greater understanding of the atrocities faced by people around the world in the name of war, at the hands of rebel forces and sovereign forces alike.


at the end of the world we will rediscover books


at the end of the world we will rediscover books

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